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Make Sure the Water You Drink Is Safe and Tastes Great.
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There was a time when we never had to worry about the water that came from our faucets, shower heads, toilets, etc. Unfortunately, that time is probably no more. Now, discolored water or high concentration of chlorine or just an overall funny taste to our water is almost a common occurrence with many households today.

At Spartan Clean Water, our water filtration system fixes these problems – and then some. We take the most precious resource and make it better. We make sure your water is safe and tastes great.

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Water Statistics for Canton, Michigan

Water Consumption

Spartan Clean Water

Number of Consumers Canton, MI: 71,059

Avg. Amount of Drinking Water Consumed/Year: 14 gallons per year

Total Amount of Drinking Water: 994,826 gallons/year


Make sure your water is clean and safe. Call Spartan Clean Water.



Water Bottle Usage

Spartan Clean Water

Number of Consumers Canton, MI: 71,059

Avg. Number of Water Bottles Per Person/Year: 167

Total Number of Bottles: 11,866,853


Save Money & Our Environment. Call Spartan Clean Water



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